NC Chorus Fundraiser

School Events
12/1/2015 to 12/2/2015
•  SATP2 Retest English II
•  Leadership Neshoba Meeting
•  SATP2 Retest Algebra I
•  SATP2 Retest US History

Sports Events
•  @ Columbus JV/V 4/5/6/7:30  (Girls Varsity Soccer)
•  @ Columbus JV/V 4/5/6/7:30  (Boys Varsity Soccer)
•  Neshoba vs. Philly and Nanih Wayia 5pm  (Bowling)
•  @Columbus JV/V 4/5/6/7:30  (Girls Junior Varsity Soccer)
•  @ Columbus JV/V 4/5/6/7:30  (Boys Junior Varsity Soccer)
•  @Louisville V 5:30/7  (Girls Varsity Soccer)
•  @ Louisville V 5:30/7  (Boys Varsity Soccer)
•  @Laurel Sportsplex "The SHOW" Tournament (2 games each V) TBA  (Boys Varsity Soccer)
•  @ Laurel Sportsplex "The SHOW" Tournament (2 games each V) TBA  (Girls Varsity Soccer)
•  Neshoba @ Meridian Tipoff 4:00  (Girls Basketball)
•  Neshoba @ Meridian Tipoff 4:00  (Boys Basketball)

Organizations Events
9/1/2015 to 12/4/2015
•  Adopt-A-Teacher (1 hour)  (BETA CLUB)
9/1/2015 to 12/5/2015
•  Volunteer at God's Closet (3 hours)  (BETA CLUB)
10/1/2015 to 11/30/2015
•  Tray Cards for Neshoba County Nursing Home (1-2 hours) TBA  (BETA CLUB)
11/1/2015 to 11/30/2015
•  Snacks for Cancer Center (1-2)  (BETA CLUB)
11/30/2015 to 12/12/2015
•  Hospice Goody Bags (1-2 hours)  (BETA CLUB)
Rocket Films: Veteran's Day Recognition
This movie is about 47 minutes long so it will not load immediately. For a DVD copy, contact Marsha Ramia at

Congratulations to the Neshoba Central NJROTC.  They competed at the Warren Central Drill Meet and brought home the overall...
Left-Right 1st row- Chris Paul, Priscilla Castro, Caitlin Williams, Cade Vanderpoorten, Leah Smith, Johnatha Achatz, Brandy Gentry, Madison Moore, Kiara Evans, Louis Thomas 2nd row-Evie Chapman, Nathan Cole, Jade Duran, Jack Lovorn, Luke Harper, Cassie Harrison, Zach Collins, Samantha Breazeale, Brandon Collins 3rd row- Declan Miles, Cayla Wilson, Menjaun Kirkland, Trey Wingo,  Jaiden Moore, Jescie Harris, Carmen Campbell, Valarie Shepard, Ceremony Brown, Cheyene Ferguson, Delwynn Sanderson, Jessica Davenport, Ashley Edmonds, 4th row- Brandon Beckham, Caleb Fowler, Kainen Williams, Ian Beckham, Savon Boyd, Bray Farve, Randy Cumberland, Emily Creekmoore, and Devin Nelson

Beta members were asked to bring school supplies to be donated to students who are in need of these items. We would like to thank...

Beta members were asked to bring in two packs of no-show socks to be donated to God's Closet. Our students exceeded our expectations...

Saturday, October 24, Neshoba Central's Slow Pitch Lady Rockets team won their fourth back-to-back state championship.  We...

Fall Leadership Conference

College and Career night gave students an opportunity to learn more about possible local colleges they might want to attend....

FBLA members where asked this year to bring gently used coats to donate to God's Closet.  The students gladly participated...

Coach Madison's STEM class used NASA engineering to create contraptions that can keep an egg from breaking during a 40 ft drop. 

Our Neshoba Central Big Blue Marching Band was evaluated this past Saturday at the Mississippi High School Activity Association....

On October 2nd, Emily Edwards, the daughter of Jeff and Bridgett Edwards, was crowned Homecoming Queen.  Emily resides in...

Homecoming will be Friday, October 2nd beginning with the ceremony at 6:30 PM where the Homecoming Queen will be announced, and...
Pictured from left to right: 1st Row- Emily Edwards, Hanna Fulton, Madalyn   2nd Row- Andria Carter, Katie Dulay, Bailey Smith   3rd- Anne Taylor Adams, Joya Horne, Jeri Noel   4th Row- Macy Fanning, Halle Fulton, Darian Rivers

Alli Pike and Bryce Mcnair both participated in Kick for College on Friday night.  Kick for College is an opportunity for...

In physical science, we study the properties of matter. This week my students have been studying chemical and physical reactions...

This is Larissa Justo.  She is from Brazil, and she likes to cook and dance.

Neshoba Central High School is excited to welcome our new employees.  Starting at the front  row left to right: Mrs....

This is Gustuvo Alburquerque, and he's from Brazil.  One of his favorite things to do is  play soccer.
Gustuvo Alburquerque

This is Dennis Bonazzoli, and he's form Italy.  One of his favorite things to do is play soccer.
Dennis Bonazzoli