Student Parking Decals
Students with Senior Sign-Out
Crown Club
Subject Area Test Online Practice

School Events
•  Spirit Day- Camo Day
•  Spirit Day- Disney Day
•  Spirit Day- Hat & Tie Day
•  Spirit Day- Nerd Day
•  Spirit Day- Beat Philly Day

Sports Events
•  Neshoba vs. Grenada V(DH)6  (Slow-Pitch Softball)
•  Neshoba Central @ Northeast Lauderdale  (JV Football)
•  Practice @ School  (Girls Cross Country)
•  Neshoba vs. Enterprise JV6 V7  (Slow-Pitch Softball)
•  Neshoba Central vs. Philly @ Home 7:00  (Football)

Organizations Events
8/12/2015 to 9/1/2015
•  Bible Club Forms Due  (BIBLE)
•  Bible Club Meeting During Activity Period  (BIBLE)
•  Mu Alpha Theta Forms Due  (MU ALPHA THETA)
•  Senior Picture Make-Up Day  (SENIORS)
•  Officer Applications, Membership Forms, and Dues Deadline  (FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA)
Office 365
Click here for Office 365.  It is a tool to manage files for yourself, collaborate with classmates, and communicate with...

In physical science, we study the properties of matter. This week my students have been studying chemical and physical reactions...

This is Larissa Justo.  She is from Brazil, and she likes to cook and dance.

Neshoba Central High School is excited to welcome our new employees.  Starting at the front  row left to right: Mrs....

This is Gustuvo Alburquerque, and he's from Brazil.  One of his favorite things to do is  play soccer.
Gustuvo Alburquerque

This is Dennis Bonazzoli, and he's form Italy.  One of his favorite things to do is play soccer.
Dennis Bonazzoli