Rocket Films: Veteran's Day Recognition
This movie is about 47 minutes long so it will not load immediately. For a DVD copy, contact Marsha Ramia at

    2016-2017 Dance Team     Anna Bowen Neylie Breazeale Hadley Donald Katie Dulay Carly...

Mayson Ables 12th Jonathan Achatz 12th Avery Adams 9th Molli Alexander 11th Halie Atkinson 12th Sylvania Backstrom...

CJ Ruffin and Jaquan Dotson, senior basketball players, sign with East Central.

FBLA State Competition winners.

Congratulations to these students who placed at FBLA District! From Left to Right: First Row - Jessie Bryan, Gracie Bond,...

Former FBLA Member Annaliese Johnson

2015-2016 NCHS Boys & Girls Varsity Bowling teams, coached by Joey Blount

Ranked #1